Pre-WOD (Skills/strength):
“The Walk”
2x Laps of walking lunges with KB (16/12)
– Must go unbroken from corner to corner.
– Each time you break, stop or long pause you will need to do 10x Burpees at the next corner. For example if you break twice along one length. When you reach the corner you will do 20x burpees.

Death by Cleans + Squats
2x Power Cleans each minute + X Front squats
Min 1: 2x PC + 2x FS
Min 2: 2x PC + 4x FS
Min 3: 2x PC + 6x FS

Rest the remainder of each minute. Go until you cannot complete the set reps before the minute cap.

Post-WOD (Challenge/Cool-down):
1000m easy row and stretch

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