Pre-WOD (Skills/strength):
6min EMOM
1x Power Clean
1x Hang Power Clean
1x Front Squat

– Focusing on form and positioning with lighter weight

REST 1min

6min EMOM
2x Squat Cleans

– Building to as heavy as possible by 6th set.

15min AMRAP

20x Alternating Burpee Bar Hops
25x Hang Power Cleans (combined)
30x Front Squats (combined)
35x Shoulder to overhead (combined)
40x Back Squats (combined)
Cash out: AMRAP Burpee bar hops with remaining time

Bar cannot touch ground once the initial burpee bar hop have been completed.
6 Burpee penalty (synchro)

Post-WOD (Challenge/Cool-down):
2min Side Plank Hold each side

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