I will be out Friday, Monday (4th of July) and Tuesday. Workouts to be posted but on your own to get them done.

This is also the last week of our pressing/squatting progression. We will be doing some max outs next week after the 4th.

Pre-WOD (Skills/strength):
5×2 Squat Clean
– focus on form and build up in weight to get system warmed up

20x Air Squats
10x Split Jumps

6x Sets (Custom Rep scheme) of Backsquats
4x @ 80%
3x @ 85%
3x @ 87.5%
2x @ 92.5%
2x @ 95%
1x @ 97.5%

12x Laps Sprint (ie. 1-mile for time)

Post-WOD (Challenge/Cool-down):
Stretch legs

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