WOD 1/31/2013

no quit
50 Jumping jacks
20 Scissor toe touches
20 Kettle-bell(KB) sumo deadlift high pulls
20 toe touch

Group deadlift work

2 Rounds for Time
20 Deadlifts 115/85
20 Bar facing burbees
20 KB swings 35/25
20 Medball cleans

Handstand hold, 3 rounds as long as possible each round

Today we are going to simply flow to music.

I have brought some extra “fancy” mats if any one wants to try out. I have a Lululemon (good for sweaty hands), Manduka and Jade.

WOD 01/29/13

3-Team WOD
Working on teams of 3. One team member at each station at all times.

Station 1: Push Press with Loaded Bar
– 10 Reps
Station 2: Up-downs
– 10 Reps
Station 3: Sprints
– 6 lengths

Whole team needs to be working. If one member stops the whole team stops. Goal is to move fast and get heart rate up. Rest is time used to move between stations. Team finishes after each member has done the Sprint station 6 times.

Hip Flexor work and drills

Yoga 1/29/2013

Today we are going to discuss some housekeeping items at the start of class. In practice today we will work on proper technique when flowing between High Mountain (Tadasana) pose and Forward Fold (Uttanasana) along with tiding up our Chaturangas.


Warm up:

Crossfit Warmup –¬†http://tinyurl.com/mdnr3a
3 Rounds
Samson Stretch
10 OVC Overhead Squat
10 Sit-up
10 Back Extension
10 Pull-up
10 Dip


Partner Thrusters and cardio (jumping jacks, jump rope, rowing,etc)
Thrusters 30/20
While you partner is doing thrusters you will be doing some form of cardio, jumping jacks, rowing or jumping rope. You can NOT stop until your partner is done with the thrusters. When your partner is done switch positions.


tabata planks