WOD 07/31/14

Pre-WOD (Skills/Strength):
Agility skills

Following is one sequence. 7 sequences in a 1 round. Will do 5 rounds in total.
1x Power Clean
1x Front Squat
1x Push Press
1x Back Squat
1x Push Press

Increase load each round with heaviest load on 5th round.
No dropping the barbell until finishing a full round (7 sequences).
If you need to rest then rest mid sequence in front rack or back rack position.

Post-WOD (Challenge/Cool-down):
Easy jog

WOD 07/30/14

Covina is coaching today while I am on a job site in NYC.

Pre-WOD (Skills/Strength):
15 Air Squats
10 Jumping squats
5 Knee Tuck Jumps
– Slow and controlled warming up the legs before the chipper.

WOD: Leg Day Chipper (25min Cap)
800m Run
100 Walking Lunges
75 Wall Balls
50 Weighted Box Steps-ups (Choose your load; KB, Slam Ball, MB, etc)
25 Burpees

– Newer people should talk to Covina about scaling and modification options.

Post-WOD (Challenge/Cool-down):
Stretch and hydrate

WOD 07/29/14

Pete is coaching today while I am on a job site in NYC.

Pre-WOD (Skills/Strength):
Group movement review and warm-up

Wall Balls


OHS (95/65)


Cleans (135/95)

WOD 07/28/14

Covina is coaching today while I am on a job site in NYC.

Pre-WOD (Skills/Strength):
6mins (switch every 30secs)
Station 1: 10 KB Swings
Station 2: 4 Push-ups (Try to do strict)

WOD: 15min AMRAP
21 MB Sit-ups
15 Box Jumps

Post-WOD (Challenge/Cool-down):
30sec Arch Hold
10 Burpees
30sec Hollow Rock Hold

WOD 07/25/14

Crossfit Games continue through the weekend. Check out the action on the games site.

Huge thanks to Pete for covering for me during midday classes this week. I am out on a jobsite next week so Covina and Pete will be sharing the load. I will be back thursday though. Keep up the great work.

Pre-WOD (Skills/Strength):
Spend extra time as group warming up posterior chain and squat position.

10 Deadlifts (225/155)
20 Push Press (Empty BB)

– Discuss scaling with your coach for the deadlift if needed. Weight should be heavy but manageable.

Post-WOD (Challenge/Cool-down):
Easy jog

WOD 07/24/14

Pre-WOD (Skills/Strength):
8mins EMOM
3 OHS (Heavy from racks)
3 Strict Pull-ups

Days of 47 (July 24, 1847)
7 Box over burpees
24 Weighted BB Walking Lunges
18 Push Press
470m Burden Run

Post-WOD (Challenge/Cool-down):
50 Push-ups for time

WOD 07/23/14

Today is the start of the Crossfit Games for individuals and teams. With the Masters starting yesterday. These performances are very inspiring (especially the masters) so if you have some time check them out. You can watch them via the link below and there is recorded footage from yesterday master’s events on games.crossfit.com.

Pre-WOD (Skills/Strength):
1min side plank right
1min side plank left
45sec plank right
45sec plank left
30sec plank right
30sec plank left

100 Squat Cleans (95/65)
On the top of every minute do 5 Push-ups. Use remaining time each minute to rack up 100 squat cleans.
Modification: MB Cleans and/or reduction of total reps.

Post-WOD (Challenge/Cool-down):

WOD 07/22/14

Pre-WOD (Skills/Strength):
45sec Arch Hold
45sec Hollow Hold

800m Run
12 Thrusters (115/80)
12 Pull-ups
12 Ring Dips
9 Thrusters (115/80)
9 Pull-ups
9 Ring Dips
6 Thrusters (115/80)
6 Pull-ups
6 Ring Dips
800m Run

Post-WOD (Challenge/Cool-down):
Easy jog

WOD 07/21/14

Pre-WOD (Skills/Strength):
High-Plank… try to hold for 5mins.

WOD: Partnered
200m Farmer Carry
Max Effort “ME” Wall Balls
– One carries and one wall balls. When each has done both that completes a round

2mins “Active” Rest in Plank
One partner needs to be in plank at all times. Break up the 2mins as needed between partners.

2 RDS – Outside
200m Run
Max Effort “ME” Burpees
– One runs and one burpees. When each has done both that completes a round

Score is total wall balls and burpees completed.

Post-WOD (Challenge/Cool-down):
Easy jog