Thanks the generosity of 3form we have a wonderful fitness facility and an even bigger one in the works. As a company we strongly believe active people are happier. Happier people make for a better 3form work environment, which makes 3form a better place to work. So let’s get active and feel the happiness!

Athletic opportunities such as yoga, bootcamp, bike riding groups, basketball tournaments and health drives give each employee a myriad of ways to get and stay healthy while also making it fun. If you are interested in getting out there and getting active please see any of the following people for more details.

Yoga: Misty Medina
Bootcamp: Mitch Probert
Basketball: Roman Lopez
Biking Group: Bryan Harris
3form Ragnar Group: Mitch Probert

Outside of our normally scheduled classes we have the following events for 2014.

Ragnar Trail Zion
3v3 Basketball Tournament
Ragnar Wasatch back
Saints to Sinners Bike Relay

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