3form Bootcamp is a program dedicated to the overall fitness and well-being of 3form employees. This program focus on long term goals, getting employees active and breaking down barriers within yourself and between departments through shared hard work. It doesn’t matter what shape you are in. Too skinny, too overweight, too tall, too small. We will modify to keep everyone involved and moving.

We are looking for people that are not afraid to push themselves. We are looking for those that are not afraid to be the best they can be. We expect you to sweat. We expect you to push way outside your comfort zone. We expect you to WANT to do this as well. As long as you walk through the door with a committed attitude we can promise to deliver on our end with the great workout. Please understand that this will not happen over night. You are going to have to put in SERIOUS work to achieve the results that you want. Understand that you will be sore, you may throw up, you are going to sweat. There will be times you don’t want to go, but you will feel way better when you do. Also understanding that there is no one perfect way to live your life is at the core of our bootcamp culture. We will provide you with the highest quality coaching, programming, resources and support, but you have to actively take part in the process and the community. This includes not just showing up to the gym and doing what you are told, but in paying attention to past/ongoing injuries, learning what your mobility limitations are and how to address them, learning how the class structure works, being considerate/encouraging your fellow employees and coaches, tracking your workout information and experimenting with your nutrition and lifestyle choices. This approach will yield the best result and build us up as co-workers and friends.

We incorporate the following areas of fitness into our workouts. So be prepared for everything!
Strength & Conditioning
Olympic Lifting
Gymnastics Movements
Power, Speed, Balance and Agility
Endurance (Cardio-Respiratory Capacity)

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