Yoga Field Trip

When: Thursday 12/19 11:30-1:15.  Class is 12:00 to 12:45pm

Where: Salt Lake Power Yoga 250 E. Broadway (300 South)

Cost:  FREE (drop-ins usually cost $15.00)

Teacher:  Kerry Armstrong (one of my favorite teachers)


We are taking a yoga field trip to Salt Lake Power Yoga to experience the studio atmosphere; including the panoramic view of the Wasatch Mountains, the spa like locker rooms and heated studio.  Please wear wicking clothes, bring a hand towel and cold water. There is plenty of free parking in the back of the studio, so there will be no stress trying to park downtown. I will bring in the studio’s consent form for you to complete prior to expedite the sign in.  Please let me know if you are interested in coming or if you have any questions or concerns.

Thursday is usually Restore Yoga, so we will move that to Dec 20th.

Yoga updates

Today I picked up bolsters, blocks, blankets and straps for our restore class.  Starting next week Tuesdays are going to be dedicated to Power Vinyasa Flow and Thursdays to restore.  Starting November I will teach a bonus Wednesday yoga class during lunch.  I will commit to Wednesdays for the months of November, December and January.  Here is what you can expect:

Tuesday- Power Vinyasa Flow, a fast athletic flow with a primary focus on core and arm balances.

Wednesday- Vinyasa Flow, we will leave this open and take in consideration the energy the group and serve what is needed.

Thursday- Restore, long holds using the support of props.  This will be primarily floor work, no strength work or chaturangas. This practice will get in to the connective tissues – the tendons, fascia, and ligaments—with the aim of increasing circulation in the joints and improving flexibility. This class is limited to ten students.*

*Because the bolsters are shared and generously provided by 3Form I want to keep them in the good condition. With that in mind, if you wear make up to work please bring a hand towel to put over the bolster for poses that involve resting your face on the bolster .

~ Namaste