Ragnar Wasatch Back

Our Ragnar team for Wasatch Back has be locked in. We have roughly 7-weeks until our adventure through Utah; June 27-28th. Congratulations to the following runners and thanks for all the support and interest.

1. Erin Kuhn (PM)
2. Chrissy Pearce (PM)
3. Victor Fuentes (Varia)
4. Eddie Tavui (Varia)
5. Shem Ocampo (Varia)
6. Roman Lopez (Varia)
7. Jessica Warbington (Materials)
8. Mitch Probert (ATG)
9. Cory Cushing (Glass)
10. Clint Lamb (Fabrication)
11. Mandy Ensign (PM)
12. Andrew Lauritzen (QC)

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