WOD 05/23/14

Memorial Day Schedule:
7am MURPH WOD @ 3form OS
– OR –
9am-11am MURPH WOD @ Sugarhouse Park
* UTE Crossfit will be running the epic workout at SH park from 9-11. It is open to all clients, plus friends and family. You are all my friends/co-workers so join me there as I work through this WOD myself if you would like

I need a head count for either time. So please let me know if you plan on attending.

Pre-WOD (Skills/Strength):
4RDS @ 65-75% 1rm BS
6 Front Squats
12 Back Squats
On a 3min Interval (0,3,6,9)

3RDS – Not for time
12 TGU
6 Air Squat (5/5/1)
3 Wall Walks
1 Rope Climb

Post-WOD (Challenge/Cool-down):
Easy jog as a group

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