Yoga updates

Today I picked up bolsters, blocks, blankets and straps for our restore class.  Starting next week Tuesdays are going to be dedicated to Power Vinyasa Flow and Thursdays to restore.  Starting November I will teach a bonus Wednesday yoga class during lunch.  I will commit to Wednesdays for the months of November, December and January.  Here is what you can expect:

Tuesday- Power Vinyasa Flow, a fast athletic flow with a primary focus on core and arm balances.

Wednesday- Vinyasa Flow, we will leave this open and take in consideration the energy the group and serve what is needed.

Thursday- Restore, long holds using the support of props.  This will be primarily floor work, no strength work or chaturangas. This practice will get in to the connective tissues – the tendons, fascia, and ligaments—with the aim of increasing circulation in the joints and improving flexibility. This class is limited to ten students.*

*Because the bolsters are shared and generously provided by 3Form I want to keep them in the good condition. With that in mind, if you wear make up to work please bring a hand towel to put over the bolster for poses that involve resting your face on the bolster .

~ Namaste






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